Marcellon-Courtland-Springvale Mutual Insurance Company was originally organized in June of 1889 under the name Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Marcellon, Fort Winnebago, and Buffalo. The company was formed to fill a need for farmer’s fire insurance in the area. It started out with 30 members and 5 directors.


Our company has been operating for over 130 years. We offer property & liability coverage for homes, farms, renters property, seasonal, rental dwellings and mobile homes to meet the growing needs of our customers and the community.  In addition, we work with local and national carriers to provide auto insurance and other special insurance needs. We continue to offer our customers the service and protection they need at competitive prices!


We are organized as a town mutual insurance company and are 100% owned by the policyholders. Contact us to see how we can help.


Our goal is to provide quality insurance services and products to the rural and small urban communities of Southcentral Wisconsin.

Annual Meeting Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Pizza Ranch, Portage, WI – 11:30 am

2021 Directors

1st row (sitting) Left to Right:  Lori Rausch – Director; Tammy Cutsforth – Manager;  John Furman – President; Clark Cupery – Treasurer


2nd row (standing)  Left to Right:  Paul Kearns – Vice President, Randy Link – Director; Jack Cummings – Director; Tom Agnew – Director; Lynn Wingers – Secretary


(608) 617-2829